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Welcome To The Alabaster Cow

alabaster-cowThe Alabaster Cow was a childhood friend (ok, maybe he was a stuffed animal), but we discovered everything together.  We went everywhere together and today the Alabaster Cow belongs to my daughter and the tradition was carried on.

Instead my Alabaster Cow is my website and we continue to discover everything together and we will share that here with you.

If you find something cool that you would like the Alabaster Cow to check out, you can let me know and we will graze over to your find and check it out and review it for our readers.

Alabaster Cow Lapel Pins

Alabaster Cow just got our lapel pins in!  These lapel pins were created by Pins Overnight and are simply awesome!  They were exactly what we wanted and they are the official lapel pin of the Alabaster Cow website!

These pins have gems and are cutout to the logo of the Alabaster Cow.  We have been handing these out at conferences that we attend and they will continue to help out branding purposes of our website.  You can check out the company that made the pins for us at : http://www.pinsovernight.com

They really took our concept and brought it completely to the next level.

Alabaster Cow Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins

Are they not simply perfect?

We will proudly wear our Alabaster Cow pins with pride as we continue our efforts!  We literally just photographed them!

We are also opening a new purple ribbons pins brand back at http://awarenessribbonpins.net. You may also want to check it out!

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